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Telefund claims to stand up for progressive ideals, however, as a business they mindlessly call people, without getting connected, wasting time, resources and money.

Dear Telefund: DenverTelefundTelefundTelefund Inc.(

On the Telefund website, it states:

For 20 years, we have succeeded because we have remained true to our public interest mission – focusing on worthy work for worthy clients. We have worked with hundreds of organizations and campaigns focused on tackling some of the most profound problems of our time. From fighting hunger in third-world countries to protecting old-growth forests here in the United States to promoting candidates that stand for issues that matter, we have been on the frontlines, or the phonelines, of social change.

I personally have confirmed over 300 numbers that have called my phone from Telefund. I have decided to submit evidence to both the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission in a complaint that will detail the many calls I have received.

Telefund has repeatedly harassed me and asked for money – but the worst, and most regrettable annoyance is that most of the time, the internet based-dialer doesn’t work properly.

It rings sometimes eight times per day and almost never connects to an actual person. Yet… when it does, I am (without fail) always told three things: 1) I will be put on a (theoretical) Do Not Call List (which hasn’t happened, ever). 2) Your employees argue with me and even insult me. 3) You call, briefly answer and hang up.

Telefund is a poorly mismanaged organization that perpetuates the worst humanity can offer to others. I consider your organization to be domestic terrorism. I feel your organization is responsible for the misery in peoples lives that guilt them into giving to good causes because of your sales goals and deadlines. I consider Telefund to be almost as bad as the religions that manipulate people into submission through guilt and fear.

Telefund claim’s to stand up for progressive ideals, however, I doubt the sincerity of anyone that would work for them.

My hope is that Telefund is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, that every responsible employee goes to jail and the money you have stolen from the American public is all given back.

Have a great day and I seriously hope I never meet (or hear) from any of you ever again through the rest of my life.