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Terrorism in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub

How many of us have been personally affected by “Anti-Gay” Speech?

How many of us have known someone who has been beaten up simply because they were “perceived” as being LGBTQ?

How many of us have been unlawfully assaulted because of how we were perceived?

How many of us have stood at that awkward moment when what was being said was diametrically opposed to what you feel as a person… yet you feared the repercussions of presenting the opposing view?

How many of us have been somewhere when we should have said something, yet couldn’t find the courage to voice an opinion?

I hear people say, “Haven’t we already moved ‘past this…’ it’s 2016?”

The answer is that we will never be “past this,” and we have always been at war with the planned and systematic decimation of financially inspired (lobbied) “limitations” of how we define “freedom.”

Most people choose to ignore it, others choose to believe that the majority of Americans (and people around the world) are not capable of choosing for themselves, and some set out to limit your views and your choices.

The attack at Pulse in Orlando was not from an illegal immigrant, it was a psychotic and imbalanced “legally” born American, who purchased his guns (legally) within the state of Florida.

Yet… after the news broke, the Lt Governor of Texas found it necessary to make the statement, “you reap what you sow.”

What is that?

To me, that statement resonates as an invitation or a specific “call to action” surrounding the LGBTQ community.

But, a ‘call to action‘ to what exactly?

It is a call to limit the personal freedom of American citizens who identify as LGBTQ. Or a direct call to arms to go out and commit yet another atrocity of hate. It is a generalized comment and biblical verse and is left up to the reader to decide for themselves what course of action to take.

This is why Jacksonville needs to pass the HRO. It is precisely why we need to put the Religious clergy, the politicians and all the people who advocate hatred, bigotry, and violence on notice that we will not stop until their policies of limiting the power of people are stopped.

Their agenda is rooted in intolerance, unacceptable bigotry and is holding our country, and people, back.

These policies of hate and limitation only benefit the people promoting their intolerant agenda. They are all financially based and unequivocally motivated by fear, intolerance, and control of people. Their only intention is to limit the personal freedoms of every law abiding citizen.

The following names will go down in history during this century: “Dylann Storm Roof, Adam Lanza, Omar Mateen, George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.”

Some are immigrants, some are natural born citizens, all found support through an agenda of hate and fear.



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