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Embrace Life.

Our time is constrained by bi-monthly, quarterly, annual, responsibilities that anchor us to this material world. As people, we require “order” to make time for ourselves, or else we might suffer along with all the other nameless and faceless people who are suffering.

The national, and international tragedies that occur on a daily basis wear us down beyond what we ever could have imagined for our own lives.

With each life lesson that happens, I acknowledge them and I try to see if I can actively work to make them better, and then I let them go. Yet… I never deny that they are happening, nor do I “think” the events are too negative… because it is happening whether there is a judgment placed on it, or not… whether I like it or not.

These events are historical occurrences and may taint our present world, even if they are beyond our control, but we would be foolish to deny ourselves the ability to be aware of what is potentially changing the course of “our” history.

Do we live in a tinged cloud of positivity as a person living in this world, or do we live in denial?

Do I ask you because you already listen to me?  Have taken you hostage to justify my own existence to myself, or do you just see through me?

Seeing the World for What it is Rather than What You Want it to Be 

We have spent so much time considering the opinions of people who never came to us for help or even said why they were angry. In order to continue to grow, we have to let it go. It does not matter where it comes from, if it came from our family, or not.

We’re given a limited and indeterminable amount of time to discover our true nature.  We are asked to direct our own lives, to live on this planet, to interact with different people, yet despite what happens to us along the way – we still have to find our life’s purpose.

History is not written by those people who are paid to write the story, it is lived by people who have the courage to embrace life without fear.

Today, we see experience the world through a compartmentalized and often disjointed mind-set reality of sensory gratification, yet many of us still recognize that life is affirmed through actively taking steps towards the focus of our lives.

“Life” won’t be found by waiting to discover it, watching it on TV, nor will it be found by denying it exists either.

My goal is to maintain being ok, even if I am not ok. This is the only logical choice any of us have.