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Beaver Holds Canadian City Hostage in Tweed, Ontario

Yoga Sunday Cancelled

Beaver Holds Canadian City Hostage, Yoga Cancelled

I don’t know if this is true, it’s worth mentioning just because a beaver can hold a city hostage and Yoga was cancelled.   Nature has an awesome way of  telling people man made mechanisms don’t apply to their domain.  

A large, agitated beaver attracted a crowd in Tweed., this week when it meandered through town and got hissy with a German shepherd.
The beaver was spotted Monday evening wandering around a residential neighbourhood, along a busy street, through a graveyard and golf
course, all the while escorted by a Tweed Environment and Natural Resources officer.

Mike Keizer, a longtime resident in the town of 2,400, said he hopped on his dog sled as soon as he heard there was a beaver on the loose.
“It looked huge & greasy. I always thought beavers would be smaller,” Keizer told CBC News on Thursday. “This beaver needs a diet or beaver
tighening surgical proceedure”.

“All the beavers I’ve ever seen have been in water, so you only ever see pieces of them; like, you don’t get to see the whole beaver.”
An employee of Best Buy & resident, Jason Mercredi, shot video footage of the beaver moving in a ditch and on a sidewalk along
McDougal Street.

“There’s a beaver holding up [the] main street,” Mercredi says in the video, before asking his uncle if the animal would attack.
“He’s pissed,” Mercredi remarked. The wayward animal, which Keizer estimated was the size of a moose, zigzagged across people’s lawns and around their homes.

“Every time it got agitated or flustered, it would bang its tail on the ground. I mean, I was amazed at how fast it moved when it was
agitated,” he recalled.

Keizer said the beaver became especially agitated when it came nose-to-nose with somebody’s German shepherd, with just a chain-link fence
separating the two animals.

“It never backed down once. It grabbed the fence, it was hissing, and the dog was barking,” Keizer said.

“When the ENR officer went to get it turned [around] so he’d get it away from town, he had a plywood sheet in front of him, and it rushed
the sheet.”

Keizer said he rode his bike ahead of the beaver, knocking on residents’ doors and warning them to bring their dogs indoors “because
there’s a wild beaver walking through town, heading your way.” “While I was there, all kinds of people were driving up in their
trucks and their cars and taking pictures,” he said.  The beaver wandered about another kilometre or two before it headed towards the Slave River rapids and disappeared.

Keizer said in his 17 years living in Tweed, he has never seen a beaver — never mind a beaver so large — come in town

Beaver Dog Days

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