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Alone on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the single parents and children who struggle growing up feeling like there is something intrinsically flawed within themselves.

You are not alone, even if you are alone.

We are living in a time that seems to have surpassed the ability to live as a cohesive society. Maybe it’s because  noticing that we exist in instant and compartmentalized reality.

People still feel the same feelings, just as we always have, but people usually default to a self-preservation of non-involvement… and ironically, is commonly mistaken for non-attachment – which it’s not.  Non-involvement is making the conscious choice to not get involved, whereas non-attachment is not being involved in the result or the expectation of a result, yet committing to the task.

My Valentine’s “Day” is to participate in my own life more by being available to the people I care about, without measuring the impact of my actions.

Of all the disappointing things that happen in this world, there are good things that happen, too.  I try to remember that and on most days, I can.

It may seem ‘easier’ to be cynical, easy to live complacently, but the effects are also severe and (I feel) isolating, which is detrimental to ourselves.

Have you ever asked yourself why you withhold the truth from yourself?

The action of living courageously, committing to being the person you want to be, is taking a chance on being a better person for yourself and the people in your life.

Most of the people I run into are genuinely good people, but even so, we are still imperfect beings. Some people are right sized and make an effort, but oftentimes we are driven by our past experiences or ego driven by lust, greed, and self-interest.

I would rather be alone than feel stuck with most people, but I also understand we need to cut each other some slack. A great quote, from the great book, say’s: “We live together, or we die separately.”

Today is less about the gifts you receive and more about being present in your own life, so you can in turn be present in the lives of others.