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Brian Castellani

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The Chronicles of Brian Castellani

On December 4th, 1993, at 13th and Pine Street, Brian Castellani was involved in an altercation on Capitol Hill, in Seattle that would alter the course of his life.   He went from being relatively unhindered physically, to suffering a frontal lobe head injury that altered his vision, affected his balance, impeded his ability to speak and was forced to learn to walk again.

Recovery from something like a head injury is a life-long process, and when he started practicing yoga, his life changed so drastically that he felt he had found – not only the answer for himself but also the answer for other people with head injuries too.

But – unfortunately, this is not the case.

Anyone who teaches yoga knows nothing forces us to fit inside a commercial definition of homogenized yoga — It is essential that yoga teachers understand that if they specifically choose to hide behind the confines of a topical credentialing process, they are doing a disservice — not only to their practice but to other teachers in the yoga industry.

If you are unsure of what that means — it is directed at the current trajectory that yoga is on — where those who claim to be shaping “yoga education,” have actually — in fact — kept yoga stagnate for almost twenty consecutive years.

I have been blunt at my own expense, hoping that people would think to look past the veil of hijacking tags, cheap marketing techniques, corporate inauthenticity – to see things as they really are… but people are only as conscious as they want to be.

I am still known as one of the few yogis who successfully “Advocated for Yoga Teachers” regarding the most important aspect of teaching yoga: Yoga Education

I am recognized for methodically and consistently bringing awareness into yoga education since 2009… (also with the help of a handful of other Yoga Teachers from NY, TX, WA, LA, and CA – we changed American Yoga without any help from Yoga Alliance). Today, I produce, film & edit my own videos. My approach is considered to be one of the most effective, unorthodox, focused combination of innate creativity and journalistic association.