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In the last nine years, Brian has participated in some of the most life affirming campaigns happening across the world.  His role in the American yoga movement has been heard in strategically key geographic locations, such as India, Europe and the U.S..

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He relied and trusted upon his fellow teachers to keep the message alive... and it still remarkably true to this day.  His network are made up of a devoted and underground accumulation of real people who see and listen... think independently of modern mass marketing, understand technology and fundamentally utilize platforms and websites to connect conscious beings and consumers with small businesses.

We offer sustainable alternatives to traditional media that help you engage customers in a way that builds your brand recognition and your bottom line.

We host and build websites for individuals, businesses, including ecommerce sites. In addition to Web needs we also offer social media services by creating, scheduling and we aggregating your information locally.


My Roots

Since the beginning of Yoganomics, I’ve done my best to embrace understanding for things that I feel are important. Such as health issues for people in certain parts of Africa, sustainable food, education, media, broadcasting, accessibility to information, orphans, disability rights and reducing endangered species.

Information is either accessible on inaccessible, and since the beginning, I have been in the center of social media for yoga and many of my own interests.

I have turned my love of media, yoga, and sustainable living into a local business. I offer 10 years of online communication experience and have a successful record of working with reputable clients, including Eat Your Yard Jax and Beaches Local Food Network.

My Mission

Brian Castellani amplifies the voices of people and businesses because I can see the unique, creative, and sustainable qualities in them.  I help people forge innovative connections between business, the project that are being worked on and your immediate community.  It's my job to help you stand out.  It's your job to keep creating.

How I Help

I offer less glam and gloss and more tangible results so you can feel confident in your return on investment.  By consolidating various websites  with a combined 25,000 unique hits per month in target business demographics, we get you the results you need.  Whether you're looking for help with an existing campaign or need to create a project from scratch, I'm here to help with services ranging from video, photography, and newsletters to social media management, website hosting, and marketing strategies.

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