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  • Navajo First Junk Food Tax-Brian Castellani |

    Navajo First Junk Food Tax | Brian Castellani |

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Yoga Teachers should pick up their own personalized web domains for their own websites. ‪#‎YogaTeachers‬ can register names, studios, workshops, yoga facilities as (for instance) or The new domain extensions are new and really interesting addition for yoga teachers and yoga teaching in general. It allows you more web branding than before. To clarify: […]

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#Doga: #yoga classes for #dogs

Doga: yoga classes for dogs Posted on Saturday, 16 July, 2011| News tip by: Still Waters Image credit: Wikipedia A new trend from the Far East is coming to the US – yoga classes for dogs, otherwise known as “doga”. The classes are intended to help dogs find their inner peace and take the canines through a […]

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OneMama Came to Be The Birth of OneMama! Jan 6th marks the anniversary of the birth of OneMama, Really the original source, The beginning of my life’s purpose. This day is called the Epiphany, On this day it is said The Wise Men came for the Divine Birth. It is the day my Mother was […]

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Seane Corn YJ Conference 2011

Seane Corn YJ Conference 2011

Seane Corn YJ Conference 2011 It has been a busy 2010, and 2011 is off to a good start. With New projects on the horizon, my 1st Interview of the year was Seane Corn at the 2011 Yoga Journal SF Conference. It’s a New Year, which means new beginnings – even some run off from the […]

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detach I would like to convey to my remaining readers that I have gotten some negative  rhetoric and a few of unsubscribes from writing the last September Newsletter. It’s a funny thing to think how life re-shapes itself when you get out of your own way.  A year ago, I was not even remotely […]

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